Gallery: Before & After




premium plus 168 front before   premium plus 168 front after

Before,  an old front door, and after with a new door and transom window.


premium plus 168 before   premium plus 168 during   premium plus 168 rear after

A back door, with an old door from the eighties, the newly framed opening, and the final out swing door with functioning window.





premium plus Thistle door before    premium plus thistle door after

A house from the Seventies gets a new front door, much more warmer and secure.


IMG_0852   IMG_1130

An old steel patio door, replaced with a new garden door


IMG_0897   IMG_1054

An old bow window, replaced with a flat fixed window and two casements. Our mason repoured the sill, stronger and waterproof.



A good example of an old replacement window, with worn capping and caulking,  followed by the new window after installation.



Before, an old door on a century home, and after, with new capping and a new transom window


IMG_1867   IMG_2069

An old octagon window gets updated



A series of before and after shots, using standard six panel doors, factory painted polytex white, with extended sills.



A dining room window transformed into a patio door, the first photo shows the window, with the existing sill lowered, and the the brickwork repaired.   The second is the final product, a bright new look into the backyard!  (Still awaiting a new deck)



An old bay window before, and a newer, warmer window after.

Premium Plus DB front window before   Premium Plus DB front window after

An old aluminum front window is upgraded with two side casements, fixed in the middle, lots of ventilation and no more drafts!

Premium Plus STA side before   Premium Plus STA side window during   Premium Plus STA side window during 2   Premium Plus STA side window after

A new window in a side wall gives plenty of new light, with obscured glass for privacy.

Premium Plus DB front door before   Premium Plus DB front door after

A new front door, getting rid of the old storm door to fully display the new glass.

Premium Plus AB rear window before    Premium Plus AB rear window during    Premium Plus AB rear window after

Removing a rear window, new masonry, and finally a new door to access the backyard. (just waiting for the mason to clean the bricks)

Premium Plus G1   Premium Plus G2

A more economical way to deal with a round top window: we can remove it, fill in the opening, insulate, drywall and add new matching siding

Premium Plus Jason 1   Premium Plus Jason 2  

Premium Plus Jason 3    Premium Plus Jason 4

A homeowner who wanted a smaller front door system before major exterior new renovations, with a beautiful new stained fibreglass door.

Premium Plus 70's door   Premium Plus 70's door after

An interesting 70’s style door and sidelight gets upgraded.

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